My Work


You do not have to choose between a people person and a high performer.

Throughout my 14-year career I have held onto this truth: high performing teams and a thriving culture need not be at odds.

This resonates with my CliftonStrengths™, and is reflected in how I lead myself and my teams.

As the Performance Marketing Manager for Air Lift, I have had the unique opportunity to lean into my strengths and see the results at scale. My high performing team has directly impacted record company growth while experiencing zero turnover under my watch.

I am a Strategic Thinker & Relationship Builder.

Committed to growth in my capacity as a leader, I now find myself:

  • Leading branding and Go-to-Market strategy for a multi-million dollar business unit – driving record sales growth

  • Executing MM+ budget on plan and above KPI

  • Developing a team of high performing direct reports remotely

  • Managing an international network of agencies and content producers

  • Overseeing web (Air Lift Company & Air Lift Performance) and video departments

  • Leading marketing strategy for brand partnerships, social media, web, print, events and more

I Maximize Human Potential.

I have introduced or helped lead powerful initiatives such as:

  • StoryBrand Marketing

  • StrengthsFinder awareness and development

  • Team SXSW trips (from Michigan!)

  • Enneagram personality awareness and development

  • and Hack Fridays, to name a few

“The new purpose of business – and the future of work – has to include maximizing human potential.”
It’s The Manager, Gallup, Clifton and Harter

Our team culture is solid and our production is through the roof!

“Luke is one of the most creative and empathetic thinkers I have ever worked with. He is incredibly talented - and not just in the typical “high performing employee” type of way - he is an incredibly talented leader. When Luke speaks, people listen, and it has everything to do with the type of leader he is. I consider Luke one of my closest friends and professional partners. I would highly recommend Luke for any type of role, but selfishly, I hope I get to work with him for the rest of my career.”
– Ryan Feyer, Managing Director at Feyer Marketing

I am honored.

Do you need help leading humans, solving problems and exceeding expectations too?

I’ve done just that across multiple industries and disciplines, and I would love to help you next.

Don’t leave wasted potential, and profits, on the table.